The Conceiving of Life

Your experience of reality is largely determined by your conception of it. What you currently know as life, self, morality, and so on, is exactly and only your creation.  

 In other words, the way we imagine things to be, determines the way we experience them.

There is nothing outside that which you imagine. Because of this we must be aware of the way we are holding things. 

Your experience of life is something you’ve made and are actively making. Your particular perspective is always experienced as reality and what’s true. You have literally created the world. You created everything you know and are. The implications of this fact are profound and worth seriously considering.

Your world view, self-concept, and narrative are all functions of the mind that serve to create something concrete to relate to and manage as “life”. Once these are created and identified as your own, they are experienced as objective reality. They lose their true status as conceptual figments and move into the domain of “world” and “reality”. 

Most of, if not all our unhappiness, ineffectiveness, and confusion in relation to life arises from this assumptive conceptual fabrication.

Our work is to penetrate into these structures of false knowledge with our conscious attention, and see them for what they are. Once the truth of these concepts is apprehended, it becomes possible to let go of the unnecessary and detrimental assumptions.

From this relative emptiness, you are free to base your conception of everything on a more grounded and direct experience, or simply leave it open and absent of quality.

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