The intention of this site is to create powerful and concise content for personal and spiritual growth. The approach offered is based on clearly seeing the condition in which you already exist as the means for all development. It seems that in order to be happy and effective in life, you must be aware of the way things ‘really’ are. It is my goal to help you see this for yourself.

The content will fall into three primary categories:
1. Attaining Direct Consciousness, or classical enlightenment.
2. Learning what relative existence is and how it works.
3. Becoming a more effective, authentic, and happy you.

The lessons created are meant to help readers:

  • Create new contexts based on real experience.
    • Experiencing new ways of thinking or holding things can have the effect of freeing our thinking and feeling, making us more effective, and grounding us in true perceptions.

      Often, we unknowingly believe things about self and world that are entirely untrue and even detrimental. If you experience the same content in a new light, everything changes.

    • Example: Someone who experiences life as a hero’s journey will live within a narrative-based context full of meaning and emotion.

      His/her struggle will be an ongoing story in which they are the central actor. All of this can disappear simply by shifting out of the ‘hero’s journey’ context.

      With no hero and no journey, the narrative falls apart. The mental-emotional accessories evaporate, and the subject is left in far simpler sense of self and existence.

  • Make distinctions in what we already experience, rendering previously mysterious processes knowable.
    • By becoming experientially aware of the components, processes and dynamics of every event, we can relate to and ‘be’ the event in more adept ways.

    • Example: An experienced sailor sees the wind moving on the water’s surface before it reaches his sail, allowing him time to make more precise judgements and actions. A noob sailor cannot see this—has not yet made that distinction—and so cannot be as precise. Extend this principle to any domain.

  • Transcend self-perpetuating loops of self-referential involvement.
    • The mind can create “truth” and apply it to any thought or experience. This occurs seamlessly on many levels of mind.

      We can live our whole lives experiencing something fabricated as real and something false as true.

    • Example: If someone thinks of themselves as stupid, they may think and act in such a way to confirm this thought.

      Knowledge references itself.

      If the source thought is uprooted, the actual “event” of stupidity ceases to exist.

  • Let go of your apparent (false) knowledge regarding even the most fundamental and obvious facets of life.
    • From birth we began creating the world. I suggest that much of what you created was done so unconsciously and was not based on anything real.

      I also suggest that your current experience is dominated by that creation.

    • Example: We live our whole lives under the constant domination of our thoughts.

      But what are they?

      Maybe we have no idea what these things are and letting go of our current ‘knowledge’ would allow for a better experience.

  • Develop an ability to become aware of and align to the principles that dictate effective interaction.
    • This is the domain of mastery, effectiveness, and power. There are rules to the game that, if followed, tend to produce certain results. If we learn and adhere to these rules, life becomes a game.

    • Example: A professional is so good at their trade because they have “aligned” with the ways of being that create the intended result. It is my goal to help you see and adhere to these ways of being.

  • Refining lifestyle and behavioral patterns to allow for freedom and clarity.
    • A less needy, less wimpy self feels much better. Discipline and right action allow for freedom from the need to appease the wants of the self.
  • Certain ways of being seem to be more positive than others. Aligning to the “right” way for you can have powerful effects.

  • Attain direct experiences of their true nature or enlightenment.
    • When we experience that I am this person, separate and real, we suffer. When we experience that I am This, unified, and quasi-real, we are happy.

    • I hope to provide angles on this matter that give a vantage point worth seeing.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a master, teacher, guide, or guru of any kind. My essays are an attempt to convey that which has been, and continues to be, useful and true in my own experience. Take all of this with a few grains of salt. extract what works and scrap the rest, this is what you’ll do anyway. What’s most important for me is that you enjoy the attempts.