Creating space for intelligence

When attempting to become conscious of the nature of self, life, reality, consciousness, etc. we are likely to try thinking our way to new levels of comprehension. Thinking about reality is a necessary process and plays a critical role in one’s development. Here however I want to point you towards an experience of Intelligence beyond intellect.

In order to access intelligence beyond intellect, you must create space for it to function. Without creating this ‘space’ you will be limited to familiar patterns of thought and conceiving. By creating space you begin to experience insight and wisdom inaccessible to conventional thought.

 It is important to make a distinction between intellect and intelligence. We will do this by describing the nature and use of each. Making this distinction for yourself can be a game-changer when it comes to increasing consciousness.

Intellect is used for…

  • deconstructing the ideas you currently hold. Beyond deconstruction, the intellect limits your ability to attain deep wisdom and understanding.
  • putting your experience into communicable forms. Without language, you cannot share your insights with others. Don’t let the need to share with others inhibit the depth of your realization. Allow communication to be an afterthought. When you are contemplating, do it for yourself.
  • making connections between distal topics. Life and enlightenment is a many-faceted jewel. Making connections between these facets can occur as a direct (non-intellectual) experience, but often occurs as a result of your active attempt to generate a holistic understanding.

Wisdom is generated, experienced, and embodied by your direct apprehension of reality. The intellect is unable to do this because it deals only in images, logic, concept, and language. Reality as itself does not show up as any of those but appears as an active event- an experience of Being. Because of this, the intellect is ineffective in the following ways. In each of these cases, INTELLIGENCE must be used.

Intelligence is used for…

  • Directly experiencing the nature of self and being (enlightenment). Enlightenment occurs prior to and independent of both mind and perception. Trying to think your way into enlightenment leaves you with an endless stream of audiovisual experience.
  • Getting in touch with the way of things. Reality unfolds independent of any thoughts you may have about it. The only way to witness the ‘way of things’ is directly. Watch reality move in and as your own experience and allow that witnessing to inform you as to the way of things.
  • Transformation. You may use thoughts to motivate or direct change, but it will never be the thing that causes change. Only ‘you’ can change the form of the self. BE something different rather than thinking about what you should be. Allow intelligence itself to change

If we aren’t using the intellect to understand, how does understanding take place? Here I suggest the presence and utility of INTELLIGENCE.

Intelligence is distinct from intellect in the following ways.

  • Intelligence does not rely on image, logic, or concept. Intelligence has no form.
  • Intelligence is that which orchestrates life itself. Evidence of its presence is found in the perfectly functioning cells of your body.
  • Intellect can hold far fewer distinctions at once. Intelligence is able to hold all of reality at once, making connections and contexts appear as obvious.
  • Intelligence has the capacity to ‘know’ without the use of symbol or logic.

How do we create space for intelligence?

  • Stop trying to figure out the truth using your mind. Instead, seek to witness reality as it occurs and allow understanding to percolate.
  • Intentionally clear your mind and stay attentive to the live event of self, being, or whatever your object of contemplation may be.
  • Be patient, as the insights may take time to occur. When hold a question be willing to not know for extended periods of time. Impatience is the key reason we continuously revert to the mind. We feel a sense of urgency and uneasiness that forces attention into familiar domains of knowing. Resist this urge and stay with the openness.
  • Realize that there is an intelligence far beyond what you are currently conscious of. If there wasn’t then life couldn’t go on. There is something creating your thoughts and emotions, managing your bodily functions, and imagining an entire life. What is this? Be open to the possibility of a much higher order and power of intelligence.

Your contemplations, meditations, and life will be impacted by the observance of this distinction. Try it out!

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