Learning to tolerate new levels of not knowing

Not knowing is necessary to reach new levels of understanding. That which you now ‘know’ is in the way of deeper and more true understandings.

One of the biggest barriers to our growth is an inherent intolerance to not knowing.

Not knowing can be very uncomfortable and tends to be avoided. This tendency must be modified if you intend to attain the deepest levels of understanding

Deep insight requires that you let go of your current knowledge. Until you can do this, you will be trapped within your current perspective.

Your current perspective is the very thing you’re trying to see through. Not knowing is the state required to dispel old knowing and update your perception and understanding.

It is worthwhile to directly cultivate your ability to deeply not know.

Do this by contemplating, not knowing, and staying with it despite your discomfort.

By doing this you/your mind is learning that it is safe to not know. You are becoming familiar with that experience and developing a mature relationship to it.

This maturity relative to not knowing is powerful not only for your contemplations, but also for your experience of life in general. Not knowing is an inescapable condition, the more comfortable you are with it, the more comfortable you will be with life itself.

In order to cultivate this skill, I recommend you actively generate a state of not knowing while contemplating a question of your choosing. When the state begins to envelope more of your experience, encourage its expansion. Remind yourself that the experience of not knowing is a prerequisite to insight.

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