you are a dumbass machine

This is a description of you, designed to facilitate deeper understanding and more effective transformation.

Imagine that….

  • Your life is being created by a machine like structure composed of conceptual knowledge.
  • Your daily thoughts, emotions, and actions pour forth from a mental machine that determines value, creates plans, and motivates movement.
  • This mental machine is typically experienced as ‘me’. It is the self at the center of your life.
  • The machine is made of fixed beliefs (concepts) about what self and reality is.
  • I call it a machine because it is automatic. You are automatic.
  • I call it a machine because it is programmed, and has a specific structure- that can be modified. These modifications thereby change the function of the machine
  • In order for you to change into a better thing with a better life this machine must be upgraded. This means ‘you’ must change.

In this context….

  • All suffering is the result of the configuration of your machine.
  • All effectiveness is a function of the configuration of your machine.
  • Your entire life is being created by the conceptual configuration with which you identify. Your success as a person depends entirely on the conceptual framework out of which you operate.


This being said, it would be wise to look at the machine called me, come to understand it, and see if we can make it better.

This is possible and worthwhile. It follows a simple progression and yields powerful results.

1)      Become conscious of the machine (become self-aware)

2)      Drop the shit (let go of dumbass concepts)

3)      Acquire gold (implant upgrades)

Becoming Conscious

We become conscious of the truth only by intending to do so. After the intent, all else falls into place and true vision is had.

I can however expedite your process by pointing you towards recognized practices and distinctions.

1)      Pay attention to your suffering.
Realize that it is pervasive and prevalent. Trace it to its source. Learn what it is about. (rule of thumb- if you’re suffering it is because of some dumbass concepts deeply held)

2)      Pay attention to your thoughts.
Every thought comes from the machine, and is designed to promote the survival of the machine. What kind of thoughts do you have?

3)      Dig into the mind to find the source structure.
What are the underlying thought forms from which all else follows? What is the shape of you?

Dropping shit

We drop ineffective concepts only by intending to do so. This being said, the process of letting go of destructive machinery can be expedited by making several key distinctions

1)      Make a connection between the source thought and the suffering it causes down the line. This encourages the letting go process. No matter what- you will resist letting go of any part of the machine. It is experienced as yourself, and so is protected as such regardless of the negative impact

2)      Imagine yourself without that self-concept.
Get a feel for the freedom and let that entice you forward. Imagine how much more effective you can be in thought and action if you were less conceptually bound.

3)      Do research on other people looking for all the ways that we can limit ourselves with dumbass concepts.

Acquiring Gold

Your machine (you) are only upgraded through the prolonged intention to do so. There are certain things I can say here to speed up the process

1)      Research as broadly as possible. You never know where groundbreaking upgrades will come from

2)      Imagine the kind of things you want to do and be.
Allow this vision to guide your upgrade process

3)      Contemplation is key to improvement as it the means by which understanding occurs. Without understanding, you are acquiring disjointed facts. Create a holistic understanding informed by direct experience.

As you follow this process on a daily basis you will notice your OS changing. The quality of your production and output will be improved, the friction between your gears will reduce and fewer repairs will be needed, there will be less energy used, with more action accomplished, your movements, mental and otherwise will be more graceful.

Your ability to compute, synthesize, and connect will be vastly improved. All facets of life are affected when we upgrade our machine.

Create a vision, move towards it.


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  1. Diego
    November 11, 2020

    Great post, John. I like the freshness and originality.

    Did you receive my email?

    Take care. 😉

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