Suffering is caused primarily by your worldview

No matter the case, when you are suffering it is because of the way you hold self, life, and world. The way you define these things determines your relationship to them. And your relationship to them determines how much you suffer.

When you suffer it is because you have incorrectly assumed something to be the case. For example, you believe you must be or relate in some way, or that the world should show up according to your ideas of good and evil. Or you have assumed that to turn away from pain is to resolve it, that you are a victim in an unfair world, or that you are fundamentally flawed. These are obvious examples, but the principle is true even in seemingly benign assumptions. Beliefs about material reality, morality, self, and mind contribute to your confusion and suffering.

When trying to be free, powerful, and happy Beings we must look into these assumptions about the nature of things, for it is there where we are trapped, and the work of letting go occurs.

Take every twinge of suffering to be an indicator of inaccurate philosophy and use it to direct your attention to its source. At the source of your suffering, you will find ‘ideas’ about things so deeply embedded in your psyche that they seem to be ‘true’ and ‘me’. They are not true, as they are conceptual and generated by mind. And they are not ‘you’ as they are ideas ‘you’ perceive. All of it can be let go.

The more we investigate our worldview, philosophy, ontology, metaphysics, self-concept, and cosmologies the more we will find them to be based in ignorance. This means their basis is in unfounded, ungrounded, and often distorted (due to trauma and selfishness) assumptions about what is so. There will be consequences for every assumption.

By letting go of these base assumptions one can sit in the emptiness and contemplate freely. One’s suffering is diminished to the degree that their concepts are seen through. And their ability to think without bias is linked to their ability to ponder without reflexively referencing assumptions.

Freedom from suffering is best attained by seeing and letting go of everything you hold to be true. As you do this, a new type of understanding will begin to emerge. This new understanding is not motivated by fear of not knowing, and it is not informed by preconceived notions about the way things are. It is more like witnessing than thinking. It is the ability to hold reality as it is, regardless of contradictory ideas. When free understanding is the basis from which you relate to existence, suffering dissipates, as its conceptual roots begin to loosen their grip on experience. You will be free and happy.

Suffering = ignorant worldview

Let go of worldview = end suffering

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