It is easier to be happy than suffer

To suffer requires that you create both a self and a situation in which it can suffer. Happiness needs no cause, self, or world.

Our experience of suffering occurs only after a long chain of associations, agendas, and assumptions have been activated, interconnected, and called ‘real’.

Our experience of happiness occurs only in the absence of self. Happiness is the primordial state out of which self and suffering arise- it needs no process or creation.

When you suffer it is safe to assume that you did a lot of psychic work to generate it. Suffering is all conceptually based and cannot exist without someone actively generating it.

Becoming happy does not require you to create happiness. Rather it is a matter of releasing all that obscures the happiness which is inherently here.

In order to do this one must first become conscious, and then let go of… themselves. In order to let go of a thing, you must grasp that you are creating it. Once grasped you are empowered to create something different or drop that aspect of yourself entirely.

In the absence of your personal nightmare, happiness shines forth as the base condition of being. Stop creating your own hell and abide the original state of consciousness- free happiness.

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