you made the world

Do you grasp that everything you now know and experience as your self and world were at one time ‘created’ by you?

The world you know may appear to be a perception of ‘what is’. In reality it is an idea which you project onto inherently meaningless sensory data.

Your persona may seem to be immutably you, existent with or without your input. In reality it is an ongoing thoughtform you at one time invented, and which you now perpetually enact.

You were once a baby with no experience of self or world. From that state, how did your reality come into being? It was created! You created that which you now see as existentially real, but it is not more real than your ideas about anything else.

What is the universe? What is a person? Consciousness? Death? Time and space?

Your answer to all these questions came from your mind or someone else’s. That means you don’t actually know. All you have are ideas, and not very well thought out ideas at that.

Your outlook on everything is arbitrary and dependent on conditioning. None of it relates to reality as itself. Seeing this is the first step towards an experience of truth and understanding.

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